we all need a little help from our friends

we all need a little help from our friends

sabato 5 maggio 2007

In Fight for the Dignity of the Person

"Loves makes the world go round and friendship is the glue that holds all together".
MEETING POINT KAMPALA Kyamusa Obwongo (MPK) is an Ugandan Non-Governmental Organization, located in Namuwongo - a Kampala citu suburb.

Since its begenings in 1992, it has done so much in the care and support of the HIV infected people and their families. Living with HIV is very difficult and a great struggle, most of all, if there's no one there for you.

This is why the main aim of the Meeting Point is not to leave alone anyone affected by AIDS, in front of the sickness and death. And this is possible through a daily mature companionship that takes into account all thei needs. We offer above all a human relationshio, a friendship that in time deepens. So the patients themselves discover how to live in front of their sickness and death with freedom and joy unknown before.

What is done at the Meeting Point?

  • Care and support to more than 2000 people living with AIDS
  • Medical support
  • Counseling
  • Home visiting
  • Food and non-food support
  • Spiritual support
  • Distant support (Sponsoring orphans in schools)
  • Vocational training for girls and boys (orphans)
  • Informal education (at MPK Learning Center)
  • Micro finance projects for families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Creation of awareness and sensitization about HIV/AIDS through Music, Dance and Drama
  • Education talks and video / film shows

venerdì 4 maggio 2007


We enumarate here some of our many programs:
Distant support. This program supports orphans and vulnerable children in nursery, primary, secondary and vocational institutions. Currently more than 960 children are sponsored in this program. School fees and scholastic materials, food items and clothing are given to them and medical care is given to those living with HIV/AIDS.
The Learning Centre. This is a day care centr, which is offering education to 450 orphans and vulnerable children who do not have the chance of going to primary school. Among the subjects taught is general knowledge, English, Catechism, Hand Crafts, Social Sciences, Sports, etc. Except our local teachers, volunteer teachers from all over the world come frequently. Because most of these children come from very disadvantaged families, breakfast and lunch is served to them at the office.
Dry food is also given to the very poor ones.
Vocational School. This is a two year course for the adolescent boys and girls orphans who dropped out of school due to lack of school fees. They are trained in how to be self-dependants and job creators. They learn tailoring, cookery, secreterial skills, tie, dye and knitting for girls while boys are taught how to make shoes, bags and belts plus craft making.

mercoledì 2 maggio 2007

Who is on the task force?

Execept the directive personnel we have as our colaborators:
8 Social Workers
16 Counselors
1 Volunteer Doctor
4 Nurses
2 Drivers
2 Accountants
2 Secretaries
2 Data collectors
11 Trainers (Teachers)
7 Part-time trainers
35 Volunteers
If you want to become a volunteer, please contact us, on the adresses you can find in the contact details, and we will let you know as soon as possible of our volunteer disponibilities.